Conditions of Use / Admissions

Journey Pro is an active event in which the performance can (and will) travel throughout the venue. By agreeing to use this ticket for admittance, you agree to the following:

  1. I will follow all instructions delivered by the performers, including the request to vacate an occupied seat or area about to be disrupted by the performance. If you are unable to comply with this for accessibility reasons, staff will happily provide accommodations in an equal seating area where performers will know not to intrude.
  2. Keep purses, drink glasses, phones, or other valuable, breakable items off the floor and on your person at all times. Pay close attention to the action as it can spill into your area very quickly. This is especially prevalent if you are seated with a Front Row admission.
  3. By using this ticket for admission to the event, I recognize that neither Journey Pro (nor any of its performers) are responsible for my personal property and I will maintain possession and care at all times during the performance.